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Digital Disruption on Civil Engineering

This assignment has completely changed my view on civil engineering. I am passionate about it now. The future looks bright, really bright.

All innovations have placed creativity at the centre of the process. Of course, there’s always politics involved as it is all about public infrastructures, but digital disruption has opened new horizons in this field. Continue reading


Do we control our data once it is online?

data_protectionI can’t believe we are already at the end of Module 5!

On this last module, we were asked to prepare ourselves for an ethical debate and an infographic about the digital disruption in a given field. Regarding the ethical debate, we had to work on this two motions: Continue reading

Use paid search on a creative way

ppcSearch Engine marketing is key in the purchase decision process in digital marketing. It helps us to raise awareness and through that, to connect with consumers and increase consideration.

How do we connect? How do we start this conversation? Continue reading

The multi-channel Customer Journey

Module 3 has been all about the customer journey, how has it evolved and how it’s been affected by digital in the marketing mix. The traditional funnel has changed, it has been reshaped. In fact, there is no longer a funnel. The Path to Purchase is not linear anymore. Continue reading

Marketing S.A.V.E.d

4psJerome McCarthy’s 4Ps are out of date. In the digital era we need to revisit Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Consumers nowadays have many ways to satisfy their needs, and these ways are very linked and influenced by digital channels. We can access other customers reviews very easily; the place is not one only place anymore. We can also compare prices within a click. We demand useful information and help to do the things we want to do. Continue reading

Is you website mobile-friendly?

Making sure the mobile experience is right for users and site owners is a major consideration in site design. Many companies have still not invested in a mobile-specific site, which is not very smart regarding that 61% of the visitors will leave your site if they don’t find the info they need straight away. Sometimes it takes effort, but there are also websites built on blog engines such as WordPress that can install a widget and very quickly become mobile-friendly. Mobile Marketing specialist Rob Thurner has shared this interesting infographic on his blog that shows that nearly half of mobile users have “ditched a brand” following a poor mobile experience:


Continue reading

Let’s make millions! How to start your online business

online_businessWant to start your own online business? We have just been squeezing our brains on Google Squared Module 2 to start our own,  so here are some reflections about it. Enjoy!

Well, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: you shouldn’t build a house starting from the ceiling. And this applies here. Before making any moves, you should answer quite important questions.

– Is there a market opportunity?
– What makes your idea different?
– Is there any competitive advantage?
– Who is going to be your customer?
– What’s the revenue? How are you going to make money?
– What’s the role of mobile in it?

The Business Model Canvas is an excellent tool to start shaping this great idea that you have in mind:

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