Use paid search on a creative way

ppcSearch Engine marketing is key in the purchase decision process in digital marketing. It helps us to raise awareness and through that, to connect with consumers and increase consideration.

How do we connect? How do we start this conversation? There are two ways of getting better search results: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Search, Pay Per Click (PPC).

Both are important, but SEO takes longer to get, as achieving a higher search result is dependent on a combination of keywords. You have to generate content in order to get a better position on the natural or organic listing. On the other hand, with PPC you just get to appear above these other results. But you have to be smart with the words you choose and also think about videos, images and social media mentions. Keyphrase relevance consists in matching the combination of keywords typed into the search box to the most relevant destination content page.

PPC is similar to conventional advertising: a relevant text ad will link to a page, though here the advertiser is paying for clicks, not for the ad display time. PPC is also highly targeted; we want quality links, we want to hit the right people so our Cost Per Click is as effective as possible. Despite all the advantages, PPC also has some disadvantages: it can be expensive, inappropriate, needs knowledge…

This video is very illustrative about how Google Adwords works

But PPC can also be used in a creative way. How about using keywords to place your ad where no one expects it?

Take a look at this campaign for Ann Summers where they decided to use paid search on a new way

Clever, isn’t it?

Here is another example


And I love this one


This is what I call thinking out of the box. Simply clever!


Google Squared Online Classes

The Power of Search, Eric Shimoda Video

EMarketing EXcellence: Planning and Optimizing Your Digital Marketing 4th Edition; Dave Chaffey, Paul Russell Smith; Routledge, 2013


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