The multi-channel Customer Journey

Module 3 has been all about the customer journey, how has it evolved and how it’s been affected by digital in the marketing mix. The traditional funnel has changed, it has been reshaped. In fact, there is no longer a funnel. The Path to Purchase is not linear anymore.

The traditional funnel

The traditional funnel

The customer is nowadays immersed in a dynamic journey where technology has played a key role as a game changer.

The multi-channel journey

The multi-channel journey


 Jim Lecinsky, Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist at Google, is the author of Winning the Zero Moment of Truth.  ZMOT is a new marketing model based on the fundamental understanding of the way the consumers make their buying decisions.


ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth is the first exposure to our brand

FMOT – First Moment of Truth is the traditional exposure (Shelf). But the digital disruption has also made some changes here.  For example, instead of a person in a store, you can now have a live chat or a phone service.

SMOT – Second Moment of Truth involves the experience with the product.

UMOT – Ultimate Moment of Truth includes sharing that experience with other consumers and prospects.


According to this, the marketing mix has now to be adapted to this new dynamic journey. As always, we have to keep in mind what it is that the consumer wants. The famous 4Ps are also out of date, more info here.

On our Module 3 assignment, we had to develop a marketing strategy for the launch of a new female beauty product. This strategy should raise awareness and activate the path to purchase. We had the Unique Selling Proposition prepared for us, from there we had to show an understanding of a variety of digital channels and how to use them to get to our audience. This company had a historical 70/30 budget split between offline and online.

Our first step was to get data. We need to understand the customer, their behaviour online and offline, how are their purchase habits… Without that information, you can’t build a successful strategy.  Based on that, we decided to invest more money in digital. We studied how content and video marketing are kings engaging people and how they can inspire, entertain, educate, and/or convince consumers and used that knowledge on our strategy.

We offered to use different channels and evaluate those choices through Key Performance Indicators. One of the most basic ways to assess the effectiveness of a campaign is to look at the reach achieved against the intended target audience.  Another advantage of the digital world is we can measure results in real-time, which gives a lot of improvement opportunities unthinkable in the past if we monitor the campaign well.

Building this campaign wasn’t an easy task as there is so much to consider, but it has been a really good exercise on how to understand your customer’s needs and use this information to raise awareness that will translate into sales.

Module 3 was quite demanding as we went through a lot of materials, but it has proven again that CREATIVITY driven by DATA are essential to design a great campaign that truly understands and reaches your target audience.



Google Squared Module 3 Classes

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