My first Squared Module

I start this Module 1 reflection with a quote:

“If the late 20th Century was the age of the multinational company, the early 21st will be the age of the micro-multinational: small companies that operate globally”
Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist

I happen to work at a micro-multinational. We are small, but we operate globally. This is why I’m looking forward to learning loads on Google Squared. From data management to multi-channel strategy, including also social media, online businesses, applications and tools.

On this first step of the journey, I’ve experienced the exciting times we are living in the industry. Digital has changed the way things work, and we have to step on it.

So far we have also been through embarrassing moments at Google Squared when we had to prepare a video presentation of ourselves and share it on Youtube. We also went through our digital life, giving a thought on the devices, times and pages or apps we spend most of our time using. This first reflection on ourselves will help us better put our minds in the shoes of our customers and understand their journey.  Changes in technology and digital have had an enormous impact on behaviour, let’s just watch how the class of 2015 is:

We also took a look at social media. How people engages with companies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…, what are their interests. Social content main attributes should be:  entertaining, exclusive, useful, inspiring, actionable and shareable.  You can find more information about Social Media Strategy in this post.


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