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My first Squared Module

I start this Module 1 reflection with a quote:

“If the late 20th Century was the age of the multinational company, the early 21st will be the age of the micro-multinational: small companies that operate globally”
Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist

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Who is John Galt?

I have mixed feelings for Atlas Shrugged. Though I’m not very fond of the ideas behind it, it’s the hell of a book! If you haven’t heard about it, here’s a Wikipedia link.

The way Rand drives the whole story it’s just great, I was instantly hooked. “Who is John Galt?” Who would you rather prefer? A businessman who says that we must share our profits with the ones less capable or a successful industrialist who couldn’t care less about the community? Well,  I would feel more comfortable with the first one, but Ayn Rand makes you choose the latter. Continue reading