Monthly Archives: January 2014

Back to “Squared” One

Let’s get started!

It’s been a couple of weeks on this #SquaredOnline journey, but I wasn’t sure about how to start this blog.  Until I watched Andy Sandoz talking about Social Web, User Behaviour and Participation and got inspired.

I have been working on marketing for five years now and also dealing with the digital side of it since then. But I’m convinced that I should go back to Square One and rethink how we do what we do. While I was studying Social Anthropology, I started to analyse our culture and society in a more technical way, and I was particularly interested in communications and social interactions. Changes have been massive in the last years and now, with the smartphone era, the internet is pretty much involved in every aspect of our lives (which sometimes turns out to be quite scary!)

So this is where the title of this first entry comes from. We should all go back to “Squared” One and rethink how we communicate and sell our ideas to this changing society. Digital Marketing is not a branch of traditional marketing or a bunch of promotional techniques that use digital technologies.  Brian Solis has already said what I think about it:

“Social Media [and Digital Marketing] is about Psychology and Sociology, much more so than Technology.” – Brian Solis

So, let’s open our minds and get rid of old fashioned concepts and grasp the new wave of communicating that’s ahead of us!